28, June 2021

Top 5 Must-Haves for Your Document Security System

We all own sensitive documents. Whether it’s personal data for our use or important files connected to a corporation, we should make sure that they are not exposed to any outside security threats. To make sure that such an accident never happens, special security systems have been invented.

Importance of a document security system

Some events are unpredictable. Our office can go up in flames, the building can start crumbling during an earthquake, and hard drives can break any minute. You might also be targeted by a hacker — not to mention human error. 

We may not be able to predict those events, but we can try to minimize the damage. Document security systems have been created to mitigate any damages caused by unforeseeable events.

5 must-haves for your document security system

These are our five (5) must-haves for your document security system. 

1. Backup

Backing up regularly is one of the most overlooked actions you can take to ensure the safety of your data. Creating a backup adds a layer of safety by storing files in an alternate location, in case the original set gets lost, destroyed, or, in a worst-case scenario, stolen and deleted from your server. A backup of vital company data is an important step in upgrading your document security system. 

2. Activity tracking

Knowing who has access to the documents is crucial when it comes to the security of your sensitive data. Using a software solution that enables you to give, and revoke permission to access certain files. Virtual data rooms often provide their users with complex analytics that illustrate what changes were done and how much time someone has spent doing them. If there is a leak of confidential data, it makes pinpointing the culprit much easier. 

3. Safety protocols 

Be sure that the place you store your data has special encryption settings in place. Hackers are becoming more and more advanced in cybercrime, and you need to make sure that the file storage you are using is equipped with the latest encryption technology. 

The latest technological solutions can encrypt the data in your virtual data room, so even if someone manages to breach the system, they won’t be able to understand a thing. This might save you much trouble in case you become a target of such an attack. 

4. Software usage instructions 

You are probably already using a virtual data room solution for your corporation. If you are sharing sensitive documents with co-workers, you need to ensure that they know how to utilize the tools. There’s nothing worse than someone making a mistake connected to your most important documents. Show them exactly what to do in the interface, and delegate clear tasks. With this rule in mind, your document security system should be almost impenetrable.

5. Documents expiration dates

Our last but not least important tip is to add expiry dates to documents. If you know that a document will only be helpful to your workers during a specific timeframe, add an expiry date to a document. They will only be able to access this data within that time window, and you will make sure that there is no unnecessary activity connected to this document. This action can shield your data. 


The world is full of surprises. There are many unpredictable events that we might not foresee, but we can make sure that we at least minimize the damage. Our documents security system should be able to do that. 

From creating a backup to adding expiry dates to documents, these tips can help upgrade your document security system. With these in mind, you will almost certainly be ready for any unforeseen event. Make sure that you use all of them — not just one — as increased safety leads to the security of your most crucial files.

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