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Aversure Data Room Service

Stockholm, Sweden

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Aversure is a data exchange platform that performs more functions. Users have no difficulty in management. Companies turn to a provider for support. They want to make deals easier. Data protection falls under the responsibility of the provider. The company is under the aegis of Aversure throughout the entire transaction process. The developers have applied the most reliable ways to prevent hacker attacks and any third party interference. Access to virtual workspaces is always open.

Most users do not need training. The interface is so simple that it’s intuitive. Partners and investors, getting into the virtual data room, feel like confident users. Managers decide who can see and what being on the platform. If necessary, the manager can restrict or open access to a specific file or folder. The SSL cryptographic protocol assures visitors that the input of personal data is secure.

 The protocol consists of several layers. The first one is the TCP transport protocol, which provides packet formation and direct transmission of data. The second one is the secure SSL Record Protocol. For secure data transmission, these two layers are mandatory, forming a kind of SSL core. That is where other layers are subsequently superimposed. Aversure is not picky about browsers. All browsers are compatible with this platform. All users receive notifications about new documents on the platform or updates.