iDeals data room overview

iDeals data room is a software solution with a straightforward interface and rich functionality for supporting various business ventures. iDeals supplies all the features that help users secure sensitive documents and other files, collaborate on projects, and facilitate productive deal processing.

iDeals virtual data room background

iDeals virtual data room was developed by iDeals Solutions, a SaaS provider established in 2008 in London, UK. Over the years of existence, iDeals made sure to perfect its data rooms to compete with top-grade virtual data room alternatives without compromising affordability.

As a well-equipped virtual data room, iDeals offers solutions for corporate document storage, board communications, due diligence, initial public offering filing, and more. Their advisory team provides a professional service spectrum for accommodating a wide user range. 

iDeals virtual data room allows sufficient security and project management capabilities for small and medium organizations and large enterprises. Industries that benefit from the iDeals’ offer include venture capital, life sciences, investment banking, private equity, real estate, government, and others.

The main perks of the iDeals virtual data room software are convenient and secure access to data, round-the-clock support, data encryption at every stage, multi-device mobile access, and an extensive no-strings-attached free trial. While the starting price of iDeals is not publicly disclosed, many users refer to the provider as a cost-effective solution with satisfactory ROI.

iDeals virtual data room software features

iDeals virtual data room feature set includes various essential and advanced tools for processing any business project, from day-to-day internal collaboration to high-stake transaction handling.

iDeals virtual data room features support each user in every aspect of a typical data room experience. It offers:

  • Secure communications and files exchange
  • Convenient documents’ organization
  • Virtual data rooms’ user management
  • Thought-out software interface 
  • Virtual data room activity reporting
  • 24/7/365 support

Based on user feedback, iDeals virtual data room price sets the provider above most virtual data room alternatives by offering more value. Below are the summaries of virtual data room iDeals’ most prominent features.

iDeals virtual data room security features

The highest-grade security is what differentiates virtual data room software from any public-access document management platform. For example, when comparing Microsoft 365 vs iDeals virtual data room, iDeals VDR facilitates data encryption both at rest and in transfer, significantly reducing leak risks.

iDeals virtual data room grants administrators the possibility to regulate user permissions, monitor access to documents, support the confidentiality of every project, and secure files from malicious attacks. 

iDeals virtual data room security feature examples:

  • Two-factor authentication with SMS code and email options
  • Eight levels of software interaction privileges
  • IP restrictions and fence view from unsolicited viewing
  • Constant data center support and maintenance

iDeals virtual data room document management features

Similar logic applies to comparing file-sharing services such as Google Drive vs iDeals virtual data room. Apart from storing files, iDeals virtual data room allows users to collaborate on documents in a secure environment, leverage automated software insights, and deflect camera-based attacks using fence view.

The combination of virtual data room software document processing capabilities creates an agile platform for file-heavy procedures like business plan development, due diligence, initial public offering, and more.

iDeals virtual data room document management feature examples:

  • Broad file format support
  • Instant document location with keyword search
  • Role-based secure viewing
  • Access and activity limitations
  • Customer support setup assistance

iDeals virtual data room user management features

iDeals virtual data room allows establishing up to eight levels of user permissions which helps to segregate departments and various seniority degrees. Administrators can employ tools for inviting contributors to projects, monitoring deal progress, and emailing business updates to specific user groups.

Virtual data room document and user organization service offerings are particularly useful for large enterprises and long-term project handlers, as they allow directing big teams faster and more efficiently.

iDeals virtual data room user management feature examples:

  • Data room user groups creation
  • Position-based software access
  • View-only rights for third-party due diligence experts
  • Secure private and public chats
  • Task management and workflow templating support

iDeals virtual data room interface features

A user-friendly interface is the foundation of all successful projects, as it allows each user to focus on their business responsibilities without second-guessing technicalities. 

iDeals virtual data room interface feature set enables users to easily access the required documents, simultaneously collaborate on files, secure private interactions, and navigate extensive document volumes. 

 iDeals virtual data room interface feature examples:

  • Ability to customize the data room to fit the user’s company image
  • Minimalistic yet functional interface compared to other virtual data room alternatives
  • Availability of data room interface in 14 different languages

iDeals virtual data room reporting features

iDeals virtual data room reporting functionality assists users by offering valuable insights into the progress of their project. This includes evaluating engagement and interest levels, streamlining due diligence, and adjusting user collaboration mechanisms.

iDeals virtual data room reporting feature examples:

  • Department-based analytics for large enterprises
  • Software security insights
  • Detailed access history for every document 
  • Graphic reports on engagement and productivity
  • Analytics-based data room practices suggestions from the support team

iDeals virtual data room customer service features

iDeals virtual data room customer service offers a variety of service options to guarantee the success of users’ business ventures. 

Besides answering any arising questions via a knowledge base, phone support, and email support, the iDeals team assists with digitizing and organizing documents, training users on employing the software, explaining how to apply certain features to benefit a particular project, and creating multiple virtual data rooms.

iDeals customer support representatives are also the ones to reach out to for the starting price and free trial initiation.

iDeals virtual data room customer support feature examples:

  • 24/7/365 live-rep chat, phone, and email support
  • Complete virtual data room FAQs available to all clients
  • A dedicated project team upon request
  • Constant development of practices for keeping the data room files secure

iDeals VDR software pros and cons

As a virtual data room, iDeals has been around for over a decade and has accumulated a wide following of satisfied clients. iDeals virtual data room users often report that the software allowed them to exchange confidential documents, secure private discussions, and navigate complex project handling.

But to successfully compare the iDeals virtual data room with other virtual data rooms on the market, it is crucial to consider both positive and negative feedback. To do this effectively, it is essential to focus on recent testimonials across independent review portals.

Below are the summaries of the platform’s main advantages and disadvantages according to the iDeals virtual data room review base.

iDeals virtual data room pros

The top reasons many users recommend iDeals are:

  • User-friendly interface. iDeals virtual data room has an easy-to-navigate, customizable interface with a rich feature offer.
  • Easy document management. Intuitive document management solutions with options to upload and move documents in bulk.
  • Top-notch security. iDeals virtual data room ensures the highest level of software security.
  • Transparent and affordable price. Affordable price compared to the virtual data room alternatives with the same capabilities.
  • Extensive free trial. 30-day free trial of data room functionality for all new users.
  • Decent market expertise. Extensive expertise in complex procedures like M&A, due diligence, and bankruptcy.
  • Accessible customer support. Excellent customer support with 24/7/365 access to live-rep service.
  • Cloud and mobile access. iDeals virtual data room can be accessed without plugins using a web browser or a smartphone app.

iDeals virtual data room cons

Some of the user concerns regarding the iDeals virtual data room include: 

  • Occasional software difficulties. Occasional difficulties with file naming features and automated indexing functionality.
  • Strict storage limitations. iDeals virtual data room software has slightly more strict storage limitations than other data rooms in the segment.

iDeals VDR software deployment options

iDeals virtual data room functions as a deployment cloud, allowing customers to interact with files and attend to deal processing without additional software. 

iDeals virtual data room users can access their confidential documents, employ various data room features, and support their business activities from virtually any device or location. Such mobility and accessibility are a high priority for busy executives like venture capital firm representatives and investment bankers participating in due diligence, for example.

Deployment-wise, iDeals virtual data rooms support the following options:

  • Web-based desktop access via any computer
  • Selective app interface for any mobile device running on iOS or Android
  • iDeals virtual data room integrations with Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Offline document processing service via desktop extensions

iDeals virtual data room does not currently offer a tailored solution for the Linux mobile operating system due to a lack of demand.

iDeals virtual data room data centers

One of the main reasons the price of virtual data rooms is typically high is the maintenance of sophisticated data security facilities. 

Data centers that enable data room activity are large server rooms that store data just like conventional USB drives. But their functions go well beyond simple storage capacity. 

Server features allow iDeals virtual data room and other virtual data room alternatives to deliver their entire service range. This includes:

  • Giving users the possibility to exchange confidential documents within seconds
  • Closely monitoring the activity associated with each document
  • Providing timely and efficient customer support
  • Regulating secure software access based on various factors such as role and location
  • Offering analytical features to support informed decision making

As an established virtual data room, iDeals has multiple military-grade server facilities strategically located in each key region. The servers undergo regular troubleshooting and auditing to ensure uninterrupted performance. As a result, iDeals guarantees 99.95% uptime, swift disaster recovery, and constant encrypted backups.

iDeals virtual data room compliance certificates

Most companies that operate with finances or sensitive data must adhere to strict information handling standards. This particularly concerns organizations in investment banking, private equity, healthcare, and law.

The certificates and compliances of iDeals’ data processing mechanisms feature:

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • SOC 1 and 2
  • GDPR

iDeals virtual data room pricing 

iDeals data room pricing varies based on the users’ requirements and preferences. The final price depends on the document, including software features, the necessity for secure SSO integration, and more.

Initially, each new iDeals virtual data room user is offered to choose between three plan options:

  • Pro. This plan is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses such as boutique law firms or private equity advisories. It offers:
    • One project, five administrators, unlimited users
    • Documents storage capacity up to 10 GB
    • Standard 24/7 support
  • Business. It’s suitable for large businesses and multiple project handlers due to:
    • Unlimited virtual data rooms, unlimited administrators and users
    • Storage up to 250 GB
    • Premium support
  • Enterprise. This is a tailored plan for enterprise-level transaction management. It offers:
    • Unlimited projects, administrators, and users
    • Free unlimited data room preparation period
    • Storage up to 1 TB
    • Dedicated project management team

All the plans are available for a 30-day free trial and can be upgraded and downgraded if necessary. 

Secure data processing, branding, and graphic reports are available with all plans.

Interested users need to email support or contact the regional iDeals virtual data room sales team to inquire about the starting price, additional billing and pricing details, and the data room trial.