About DataSite

Merrill DataSite data room, also known as DataSite Diligence, is a SaaS solution for facilitating M&A deals. DataSite provides virtual data room software with sophisticated tools to conduct due diligence and is great for restructuring, post-merger integration, IPOs, and various other financial transactions for a range of businesses and industries.

Datasite LLC was founded in Minneapolis in 1999 as a subsidiary of DataSite Global Corporation by Merrill Corporation. DataSite operates in 170 countries with 23 offices in the US, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The DataSite Diligence virtual data room is one of Merrill DataSite’s software solutions for enterprise-scale confidential data management and executive-level decision-making. 

DataSite Diligence virtual data rooms help many companies like investment bankers, law firms, corporate development, and private equity firms. It is very reliable for completing transactions, sharing sensitive data, and succeeding in managing multiple contracts.

DataSite virtual data room features

Merrill DataSite data rooms offer similar basic features as other virtual data room providers — plus some additional unique features that the due diligence workflow requires:

  • Data room trackers help to start projects quickly, collaborate efficiently, and run a deal in one centralized location.
  • DataSite Prepare is a team collaboration tool for deal preparation that offers a simplified access mandate.
  • The Project Inbox feature allows emailing files directly into the project through Outlook, Gmail, and more.
  • Drag-n-drop file upload that retains file structure, with bulk move and renaming options for uploaded documents up to 50 GB.
  • AI-powered intelligent redaction integrates text and image redaction.
  • An intelligent dashboard that provides instruments for sophisticated analytics.
  • AI and ML-powered tools that automate file categorization, AI-powered data room index, and document preview. 
  • Search tool that conducts in-document and file search in 16 languages within seconds.
  • Integrated Q&A that allows setting up roles, categories, or priorities and importing and exporting questions back to Excel.
  • Strict global security standards that include compliance with ISO 27001 certification, SOC 2 Type II attestation, and GDPR.
  • Encryption of data at rest and in transit ensures safe data storage and transfer.
  • Physical security measures, along with data security training for all employees, and annual third-party breach testing, eliminate risks of leaks.
  • Secure data room access with two-factor authentication and automatic password reset.
  • Full control over document sharing with granular user permissions and customizable watermarking.
  • Mobile-friendly deployment options are available along with a cloud-based web platform accessible from a desktop.
  • 24/7 support is available by phone, email, or chat in 20 languages.

Pros and cons of Merrill virtual data rooms

The Merrill DataSite virtual data room incorporates all industry-leading features. Data room users’ reports reveal that the data room is proficient and worth the investment.

Users list the following advantages:

  • The DataSite interface is user-friendly. DataSite is easy to use and highly customizable. 
  • Optical character recognition is an advantage, making documents searchable.
  • Excellent customer service. Its support team makes every user feel like a valued client.
  • The DataSite name is trustworthy. The provider has extensive experience in the market.
  • DataSite offers extensive document security. The data room’s security features are reliable enough to trust for sensitive document storage.
  • AI-powered features streamline document management. DataSite’s automatic indexing and AI-powered redaction save time on manual data management processes.

The disadvantages reported include:

  • Little use for small and medium-sized businesses. Users report that DataSite is more suitable for large enterprises.
  • Lack of competitive pricing structure. DataSite customers mention that they prefer a predictable monthly payment, without hidden fees or unpredictable charges. 
  • Problems using the Index view. Users report occasional flaws with this feature.
  • Lack of advanced functionality. Users lack some advanced features that other providers offer, like screenshot protection, security settings on the user group level, and document or folder annotations.

Integration options

Merrill data rooms integrate with third parties. The most common ones are:

  • Okta. It enables authentication and provisioning capabilities via SWA single sign-on.
  • OneLogin. It enables secure single sign-on by connecting Active Directory to Merrill DataSite. It is a time-saving and cloud-secure solution.
  • Teamstack. Integration with this tool allows users to automate identity management.
  • AuthDigital. This integration helps connect a Merrill DataSite application with an existing Identity Provider (IAM).

There are also some technologies integrated into the DataSite suite:

  • DataSite Outreach. It is a deal marketing technology to track potential buyers and investors with a simple interface, providing simultaneous interaction with multiple contracts.
  • AI-based redaction. It is a convenient sensitive data protection feature for images and text substitutes.
  • Integrated Q&A. It is a technology streamlining communication among data room users. It allows importing questions from Excel, reporting, and exporting data back to the Excel file.

Data centers information

Merrill DataSite is the first ISO 27001 accredited VDR provider in the world. It complies with the requirements of the Information Security Management System, as well as SOC 2 Type II attestation, and GDPR. 

Merrill DataSite owns the entire project management and technical support chain providing ironclad security and making it impossible to erase confidential information.

Merrill facilities are physically located in St. Paul and St. Cloud, Minnesota. Most offices also have the needed hardware, software, and personnel. A Merrill data room provider supports capabilities and capacity, using third-party document storage facilities.

There are reliable tools to sustain Merrill virtual data room systems and physical infrastructures, like the redundant uninterruptible power supply, fire detection systems, surveillance cameras, and multiple security checkpoints to limit access to data centers.

Pricing plans

The DataSite deal room does not disclose its pricing rates. Its pricing structure is customized for every client. Final charges depend on the transaction type, project duration, necessary features, how many users, and other factors.

DataSite virtual data room offers a free demo version and a 14-day trial. During the trial, the functionality is a bit limited, but it allows for testing the software’s basic features.

To get pricing information, contact a sales representative by filling out the contact form on the company’s website, and the Merrill data room administrator will be in touch with you. Merrill support is available at regional sales offices distributed across Europe, North and Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.