About Intralinks data room

Intralinks Virtual Data Room Edition is a cloud-based VDR solution designed to help companies to securely share documents, efficiently collaborate, and manage deals more quickly without worrying about leaks or data loss. It also enables effective cooperation across corporate and geographical boundaries.

The Intralinks virtual data room has over 4 million users from a wide variety of industries like life sciences, tech, legal, and energy. They use the platform for M&A activities, due diligence, alternative investments, banking, and post-merger integration. 

Even after two decades, the Intralinks secure collaboration platform remains the leading innovator for the financial sector. Over 10,000 M&A deals with a total worth of $34.7 trillion have been closed since their founding, which proves customers’ trust and loyalty.

New users who also want to market and manage deals faster are encouraged to book a demo to make sure the service meets their expectations. 

Intralinks features

Intralinks secure platform provides different features and tools for:

  1. Content management. Share and manage sensitive data, drag-n-drop files, upload documents in bulk, and search text quickly.  
  2. Collaboration. Comment in a single thread, define workflow execution for faster document approval, and receive notifications and alerts.  
  3. User management. Manage Intralinks data room access by adding groups, assigning and exchanging roles, and revoking permissions.  
  4. Document security. Manage sensitive documents without worrying about hacks, leaks, and data breaches due to advanced encryption standards, dynamic watermarking, and audit trails.
  5. Workspaces. Securely share and manage documents, track the progression of content when a new file version is created, and access old versions when needed.
  6. File synchronization. Upload all files and folders from the workspace to the desktop using tools for file sync.

Pros and cons

Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of the services provided by an Intralinks data room. 


  • Professional customer support. Dedicated customer service managers are available by email or phone 24/7  in over 15 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, the Asia Pacific region, and North America. The average phone response time is just six seconds.
  • Mobile access. Clients can access documents online and download them for offline use from any mobile device.
  • Flexible permission management. The Intralinks secure platform provides tools for setting permission access for 16 roles. 
  • Superior document security. Intralinks allows companies to securely store and share files due to four security levels: document, application, operations, and platform. This helps to prevent hacks, leaks, or data breaches.
  • Solid reputation. Virtual data room Intralinks has 20 years of experience, 4 million users, and over 10,000 completed M&A deals. 


  • No trial period. Potential clients can book a demo to learn how the platform functions, but a free trial isn’t available. 
  • Hidden costs. Customers have to contact the sales team to learn about Intralinks virtual data room pricing. 
  • Unintuitive interface for beginners. Less tech-savvy users experience difficulties with using the data room. 

Integration options 

The Intralinks data room solution can be seamlessly integrated with other services. Customers can consider the following integration scenarios:

  • Integration with content management systems
  • Integration with social networking and collaboration tools 
  • Integration with desktop applications 

Data centers

As the data room provides tools for file sharing and storing, it has to make sure there are no hacks, leaks, or data breaches. That’s why the company:

  1. Located its data centers in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia to ensure compliance with regional data sovereignty requirements. 
  2. Acquired certifications SSAE 16/SOC1, ISO 27000-1, ISO 9001, and ISAE 3402 for all data centers to meet all security standards. 
  3. Applied physical data center security technology, including video surveillance, proximity card readers, and biometric scanners to prevent any unwanted access.

Intralinks data room pricing

According to user reviews, the starting price is approximately $25 per month per user for an annual contract. This puts the data room in the high-cost solutions category. 

However, as the Intralinks data room cost is calculated individually for each client, potential users are advised to contact a sales team directly. They can do so by filling out the form on Intralinks’ website.