DFIN data room overview

Venue data room by Donnelley Financial Solutions is a centralized platform for secure collaboration during investment lifecycles, M&A, IPO, and more. Venue data room supplies all the necessary tools for safekeeping critical files, communicating, and making resilient decisions for the business.

  • Donnelley Financial Solutions background 

Venue by DFIN, or Donnelley Financial Solutions, is a product of an extensive legacy. DFIN’s parent company, RR Donnelley and Sons, has operated since 1864 as a printing and publishing business.

After its establishment in 1983 with the global head office in Chicago, DFIN developed many tools for agile financial transaction processing, including the Venue data room solution.

RR Donnelley data room is an equipped software for medium and large companies in the financial sector, including PE firms, government agencies, and investment banking organizations. The data room assists users throughout all stages of due diligence, decision making, and post-merger integration processes.

Venue users benefit from industry-leading security practices, simplified setup, and the employment of AI for analytical and organizational processes. Additionally, DFIN continuously keeps a hand on the pulse of the virtual data room innovation by delivering new features and solutions.

DFIN virtual data room features 

DFIN virtual data room offers many relevant options for agile deal processing with sufficient technology advances for high-stake transactions. Below are the summaries of Venue’s top data room capabilities.

Document management

According to DFIN, Venue data rooms can be set up in virtually less than a minute. Users can instantly upload bulk documents and leverage other tools to effortlessly arrange the content of their data room.

Venue’s most notable document organization features are:

  • Full folder arrangement view for quickly locating relevant provisions
  • Automatic electronic archiving eliminating the need for printing documents
  • Pre-defined workflows and financial reporting functions for due diligence


Venue by DFIN employs multiple security measures to keep users’ confidential data intact. Venue users can establish several levels of data room access privileges, leverage auto redaction and encryption, and regulate how each contributor operates with data.

Inside Venue, sensitive information is shielded via features like:

  • Dynamic watermarking, which imprints all access details, such as account name and time of data retrieval
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication


Venue data room generates insightful analytics based on the software usage activity. This information helps virtual data room administrators accelerate deal closing by evaluating buyer behavior and making on-spot decisions.

Donnelley data room reporting tools include:

  • Instant file-level analytics that represent how many users interacted with the file
  • Engagement analytics
  • An option to schedule audit reporting

Workflow optimization

Virtual data room software continues to evolve to minimize the manual approach to document organization and task management. Venue allows users to automate tasks and simultaneously manage multiple deals. And scheduled reports provide transparency and agility to traditionally lengthy procedures.

Donnelly Venue workflow efficiency instruments are:

  • Multi-deal management tools with a big-picture view
  • Automated data room activity archiving 
  • Relevancy and department filters

AI contract analytics

Venue data room provides AI-powered tools that offer on-demand intelligence on several dozens of documents simultaneously. As global markets fluctuate, machine learning provides the necessary stability by analyzing buyer behavior, retrieving required information, and allowing to handle a deal process securely.

Venue’s contract analytics tools enable users to:

  • Process over 50 files in less than a minute
  • Locate the relevant provisions faster
  • Extract over 115 specified data points

Customer support

Venue by DFIN addresses users’ questions and concerns via an extensive knowledge hub and region-based customer support offices. The support agents resolve technical data room issues and provide information about pricing, other DFIN products, and direct media inquiries.

DFIN Venue’s customer support advantages feature:

  • 24/7/365 available representatives in 18 office locations
  • A dedicated project manager to direct customers throughout the entire deal process
  • Data rooms setup and organization advisory

DFIN Venue data room pros and cons

Venue by DFIN provider exists for several decades, which allowed plenty of user feedback to accumulate across independent platforms. Below is the summary of Donnelley Financial Solutions’ data room advantages and disadvantages based on customer reviews.

DFIN virtual data room pros

  • Sufficient security features such as multi-factor authentication and dynamic watermarking
  • Professional support team delivering great service 
  • Scheduled reports on all user activity 
  • Accurate and insightful analytics

DFIN virtual data room cons

  • Limited deal room capabilities compared to other solutions in the segment
  • Reportedly more expensive pricing compared to the competitors
  • Lack of customization features
  • Underdeveloped schedule audit functionality

Venue virtual data room deployment options

Venue virtual data room operates via a deployment cloud, which allows users to access all the documents and features through an internet browser on a computer or mobile device. Donnelley Financial Solutions is integrated into multiple languages, including all Latin script languages, Japanese, and Chinese.

DFIN Venue data centers

Security regulations evolve constantly, prompting virtual data room providers to improve their data handling mechanisms and facilities. Donnelley Financial Solutions do not disclose the locations of its server centers. However, it is safe to believe that their data protection protocols are continually optimized based on customer loyalty.

DFIN regulatory compliance certificates

The virtual data room by DFIN is certified according to the following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • SOC2 Type II

DFIN virtual data rooms pricing

Donnelley Financial Solutions DFIN does not publicly disclose its pricing approach details. On the provider’s website, it is mentioned that they advocate for transparent billing with the costs based on the number of files uploaded into the data rooms.

It is worth noting that such a solution is not the most cost-effective model for document-heavy transactions such as due diligence or for handling multiple deals like investment banks do, for example.

Users need to contact customer support or their regionally assigned project manager to receive up-to-date billing information.