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BOX Virtual Data Room

Malvern, USA

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North America

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box virtual data room

Founded in 2005, Box is an American company based in Redwood City, California. The platform offers cloud content and file-sharing services for businesses both small and large. This virtual data room is available for Windows, macOS, and numerous mobile platforms. Box virtual data room is currently the content management platform of choice for 62,000 companies and 43 million individuals. Why? Because this data room offers a cost-efficient way to share documents and ensure the safety of your company’s information.

What does Box do best?

A Box virtual data room provides comprehensive security and control for collaboration and sharing. The platform excels in providing a safe space for businesses of all sizes to share files and collaborate remotely. This service allows users to collaborate and share ideas efficiently while never compromising the sensitivity of any documents. Box currently includes 59% of the Fortune 500 among its growing list of clients. A Box virtual data room is fantastic for companies that need to share files among many collaborators. It is easy to navigate, no matter your device or operating system. You can choose between three account types: Enterprise, Business, and Personal.


  • Available as a website, installed software, or app
  • Simple administration solutions
  • Virtually no training required
  • Native integration with a wide variety of apps and client software


  • The 14-day trial is free — but only offers limited functionality
  • Back-end reporting leaves a lot to be desired
  • The platform can run slowly on rare occasions

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Features of a Box VDR

A Box virtual data room offers several features that are designed to fulfill all content sharing needs.

  • Sync, share, collaborate on every type of file from any device
  • Box Shield prevents data breaches with innovative threat detectors
  • A Box virtual data room organize files in a simple and coherent manner
  • Choose where you store your data
  • Manage encryption keys
  • Set workflows for automated processes
  • Assign metadata tags to files
  • Watermark sensitive materials
  • Well-integrated with lots of popular client software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe

Solutions by Box

A Box virtual data room offers several solutions for many company requirements.

  • Enables mass file-sharing among large companies 
  • Protects your files while still allowing easy access
  • It makes file sharing very easy and convenient
  • Keeps business documents organized no matter the number of collaborators
  • Allows collaboration across various operating systems and devices

Box virtual data rooms have proved to be useful for tasks and procedures such as bankruptcy, fundraising, M&A, documentation and legislation, and real estate. A Box VDR offers some remarkable solutions for biotechnology, clinical studies, and board portals as well.