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Brainloop Secure Dataroom

Munich, Germany

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Brainloop’s secure data room solution provides data protection and a secure collaborative environment for organizations to share executive-level information internally and externally. The main principle of the solution is full control over company information.
Founded in 2000, Brainloop’s goal is to facilitate collaboration and productivity inside and outside an organization while not sacrificing security and control over data.
The platform’s goal is to protect sensitive organizational data, especially when sharing with external parties.

What does Brainloop do best?

Brainloop facilitates efficient corporate management without sacrificing security, control, or governance over key documentation. This includes senior-level communications such as boardroom and executive committees and sensitive information on mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, and intellectual property. The Brainloop secure data room also provides secure collaboration and facilitates real estate portfolio management
The Brainloop solution is comprised of six products that combine to form the entire solution.


The main features of the Brainloop solution are as follows:

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Protection of confidential files with traceable management logs
  • Secure internal and external file and folder collaboration that guards against unauthorized access
  • Ability to revoke access rights across the board or from particular recipients instantly
  • Data protection policies can be changed or updated at any time
  • Accessible from anywhere using your laptop, tablet, or cell phone
  • Synchronization across all devices while online or offline
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 for efficient working
  • Wide choice of countries for data residency
  • Data protection and privacy compliance requirements
  • Digitization of business in secure folders and for paper-free environments
  • Efficient management of administration and documents for aides or personal assistants
  • Documentation with version history at the behest of auditors or for a legal requirement at the touch of a button
  • Online customer support portal

Brainloop solutions

Brainloop’s solution is comprised of six products:

  • Brainloop Meeting Suite. A secure and efficient platform for before, during, and after meetings.
  • Brainloop Board Suite. An efficient portal for personal assistants and administrators to compile meeting agendas, collate the meeting packs, and distribute them to attendees before a meeting. During the meeting, it allows for minute-taking and assignment of actions.
  • Brainloop Boardroom. An application that allows board-level executives to receive, edit, and share documentation before and after a meeting.
  • Brainloop Deal Room. A highly secure, tamper-proof portal that houses vital information during the process of business-critical deals such as IPOs, hostile takeovers, M&As, due diligence, or licensing agreements. The crucial aspect of vdr is that it can permit external parties such as legal advisors, outside investors, and other involved parties to view documentation anonymously.
  • Brainloop Collaboration Room. When documents get shared externally, the Collaboration Room facilitates their protection and, through integrated rights management, only allows the intended recipients to access the information. 
  • Brainloop My Room. A secure file syncing and sharing portal enables continued security even when it is on the intended viewer’s desktop. My Room provides visibility if anyone else has had access to it and logs this traceability to satisfy compliance regulations around key deals and transactions.