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San Francisco, USA

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North America


Digify is the virtual room trusted by lots of users around the world. There are plenty of providers worldwide. Why do thousands of users turn to this one?  The solution of challenging tasks that companies face daily, a convenient interface that even a rookie can manage – these features attract executives who have a regular lack of time. With Digify, they get more time and resources as virtual data rooms perform time-consuming tasks.

Having a virtual data room has become a crucial principle for productive operation. It doesn’t matter who you deal with and what you do day by day. Digitalization of all the spheres of our life leaves no choice but to digitize business too. Digify customers have found a convenient and reliable way to do this. Every day the number of people who are confident in their data security is increasing. This confidence is due to multitasking functions and compliance with quality standards such as ISO 27001. The files kept in the storage are encrypted. Therefore, they are not available to third parties. Managers monitor the team’s activities with a tracking tool. That is a way of analytics and timely prevention of problems that happen in the course of work. The price charged by the provider is reasonable and affordable. Technical support is available whenever and wherever you need it.