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DocSend is a tool that provides the ability to exchange data without fear. You can do it anywhere and anytime. That does not affect the security of your documents. More than 13 thousand companies around the world use the services of this provider. More and more directors need this type of technical support daily. Observing the positive experience of VDR users, potential clients immediately want to join the ranks of successful managers.

DocSend is an easyway to manage your important data. Other users’ access can be limited or revoked whenever necessary. The embedded Outlook and Gmail systems simplify and speed up operations such as downloading and distributing files or links. The developers have done a fair amount of diligent work on the intuitive interface,into the bargain. To share pdf, ppt, gif files, the platform does not require additional applications to support these formats. The same goes for making changes to the document. Users are free to do that whenever they need or want.Even if you’ve already sent the file to the recipient, but you need to make changes, it’s never too late. The recipient will see a new version of the document. The list of DocSend virtual data room advantages could go on and on.

Alternatively, customer reviews are there on the Internet to help you in making the decision.

Dropbox Docsend features

Although the functionality of Docsend virtual data rooms may be inferior to other VDR systems, the following options are what many businesses need in the first place.

Document-sharing in a single click

With a few clicks and one link, you can share sensitive documents and be secure. In addition, your colleagues and partners receive all the necessary data in a single place without switching between programs.

Smart permissions

A company’s virtual data rooms may be restricted to domains or email addresses. Password protection, in turn, guarantees an additional level of control and security.

Granular file access

Admins control each user’s access to file storage in the shared space. There is also a built-in NDA to view specific documents.

Virtual data room branding

You can personalize your virtual data rooms by customizing the banner image and logo. This way, the pages become recognizable, and you give a personalized viewing experience to your partners.

Advanced VDR viewer experience

Viewers get access to the documents from all devices. At the same time, security measures reliably protect highly sensitive information so that customers can do business on the go without risks.

DocSend virtual data rooms pros and cons

To help you better understand if the platform is right for your organization and transactions, we’ve compiled the main DocSend’s strengths and weaknesses based on feedback from current users.


  • Detailed reports about who uses data and how
  • Excellent secure file-sharing capabilities
  • Great customer service
  • E-signature feature


  • It may be tricky to find data due to the complex Dropbox folder structure.
  • All custom links are in one list and it’s hard to find the right one.
  • Setting up a data room in Dropbox may be tricky.
  • Sometimes, the interface is difficult to navigate.
  • The price is a bit high.

DocSend data room integrations

Compared to others, the Docsend provider has a long list of integrations that enhance the user experience.

  • Hive
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Salesforce
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Office

Dropbox DocSend data centers

Since there have been data leaks in Dropbox’s history, the provider strengthens its security by implementing new mechanisms and measures. 

For example, 256-bit AES encryption extends to all content in data centers, and SSL and TLS protocols protect it as it moves between users and servers. Furthermore, the provider checks the software for vulnerabilities in the system and notifies customers about attempted logins from new devices or locations.

Apart from all of the above security features, users can verify a viewer’s identity with email authentication, apply personalized watermarks, secure files with mandatory NDA, and monitor the activities for added security.

DocSend data room pricing plans

The Dropbox virtual data room offers four tariff plans that serve different purposes. Each includes core virtual data room features such as drag-n-drop, full-text search, all basic file types support, and granular link-level access control.

If you pay yearly, you can save up to 40%. Before purchasing the platform, you may want to test the solution with a 14-day free trial. The trial is available for all plans except Enterprise.

PricingBest for
Personal$10 per user / per monthIndividuals
Standard$45 per user / per monthBusiness teams
Advanced$150 per monthSecurity and integrations
EnterpriseContact the vendor for detailsLarge teams