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North America, Europe

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Data room provider, Drooms, is based in Frankfurt, Germany, and Zug, Switzerland. They are Europe’s leading data room provider and have been helping their customers since 2001. Their main clientele consists of real estate companies, advisors, law firms, and corporations. Even though based in Europe, the organization provides services worldwide. 

What does Drooms do best?

Drooms data room can be used in multiple ways. One of those ways includes Due Diligence. Their Drooms Transaction VDR is a dedicated space for a successful due diligence process to take place. High-speed document processing is one of the perks of this VDR solution.

Asset lifecycle management is also possible with Drooms Portfolio VDR. You can translate your documents, add questions and answers, and even note and highlight the provided data. It is also a VDR that is accessible from a browser.

Drooms features:

  • Permission settings. You can easily control who has access to what files.
  • Audit trail. Easily backtrack any changes in documents.
  • Secure file viewer. Make sure the files are protected by a set of security protocols to make sure there won’t be any security breach in the company 
  • Collaboration tools. Enjoy the suite of tools designed to improve cooperation and workflow.

Drooms solutions 

Apart from the Drooms Transaction and Portfolio VDR, the provider also has other solutions that make them stand out in the VDR industry.

  • Drooms Findings Manager is a tool created to digitize the document review phase. It searches out phrases and helps categorize data. This makes it easier to review the process and the transactions of the company. The user is provided with transparency and accessibility. 
  • Drooms Services is dedicated to everything else that might be connected to virtual data rooms. Project management, document structuring, physical data room management, and digitization can all be taken care of by the Drooms team.

As per the customer reviews, Drooms clients appreciate the provider’s customer support as they are easy to get along with and they take special care of the problems that their users might encounter.

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Companies like Drooms take special care of their customers and provide a tailor-fit virtual data room for any problem their customer might encounter. Through their Findings Manager and Services solutions they are able to solve most of your issues. See for yourself.