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ForData VDR

Poznan, Poland

Market Presence:
North America, Europe


virtual data room

ForData virtual data room offers solutions that entail document management and all of the necessary communication tools, more so when dealing with complicated and confidential entity transactions.
Despite being a well-recognized stakeholder in the virtual data room industry due to its powerful and up-to-date features, ForData hasn’t stopped advancing its tools. ForData allows a fast and easy launch to facilitate smooth transactions anytime and anywhere.

What does ForData do best?

ForData virtual data room provides excellent support for complex transactions to its users, especially when dealing with various and difficult transactions. These range from M&As, restructuring projects, securitization projects, and similar activities.
It’s more of a spontaneous system that has been enhanced over the years to include self-configuration capabilities that make it more user-friendly. Not to forget the updated IT infrastructure that facilitates faster speeds and performance.
ForData has several features that form the whole platform.

ForData features

  • 24/7 availability/customer support
  • Advanced file and document management
  • User rights management
  • Activity reports
  • Search options
  • Document management
  • Bulk operations
  • Communications management
  • Modification & copying protection of Microsoft Excel

ForData solutions

ForData offers the following solutions to various users:

  • High-grade Security Features. ForData ensures that all the user’s files and documents are secured through the platform’s advanced bank-grade measures. The security is further advanced with watermarking features and access rights management tools. These prevent file saving and printing as well as modification permissions. Additionally, at the end of every transaction, ForData solutions allow you to generate an encrypted DVD which you can use to securely store your data room contents.
  • Self-configuration capabilities. ForData has advanced its system to ensure it is more robust by adding self-configuration capabilities to make it more appealing. The speed and performance are excellent because of an updated IT infrastructure. Therefore, it takes a short time to upload documents as big as 1 Gigabyte facilitated by the systems’ new processes improvements. This leads to instant transactions.
  • Support for multifaceted and confidential transactions. ForData’ virtual data rooms have been designed to handle any complicated and confidential entity transactions that entail independent financial and legal advisors. Provides a perfect tool for due diligence, for instance, during mergers and acquisitions, to help firms oversee due diligence electronically. This way, your entity’s security and comfort of all parties involved is provided.