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Seattle, USA

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North America

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Onehub virtual data room aims to enable more effective business productivity by providing the most efficient and user-friendly cloud storage solutions on the market.
The company was founded in 2007 and was built with the idea that software tools should be productive and enjoyable to use. The focus is on design, and features such as document previews are designed to facilitate more efficient and modern working methods. Customizable branding features also make it possible to tailor the platform with company colors and imagery.

What does Onehub do best?

Onehub focuses on simplicity. Everything from features to the pricing model is clear and straightforward.
Onehub virtual data room products are available in four plans:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Data room edition
  • Unlimited

All plans are available to be billed either on monthly or annual terms.
Uploading content is also easy for individual files with drag-and-drop functionality and mass uploads with a secure gateway.
It is also possible to customize the management panel of the Onehub portal for users to experience a solution in company colors and branding. This functionality can also be set up for customers by third parties to create white-labeled solutions.

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The main features of the Onehub solution are:

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Quick and easy file uploads
  • Mass uploads and drag-and-drop uploads
  • Document watermark functionality is also available as an added layer of security/authentication
  • Preview, thumbnail, and list views of documents for maximum efficiency
  • Workflows to enable collaborators to review, sign, or approve files and be notified of status updates
  • Embedded sign-in forms allow employees and third parties to log in securely and access documents
  • Role previews to see what different users will see with their access level 
  • Enforce complex passwords and revoke account access at any time to maximize security
  • Workspace agreements obligate users to agree to accept terms before accessing content
  • Full-text search to allow desired words to be quickly located within stored documents
  • Client portal 

Onehub solution components

Onehub virtual data room solution is comprised of seven components:

  • Upload: Files can be uploaded either individually or en masse
  • Customize: Logos, colors, and pages can all be customized for users to work and collaborate in company brand and domain.
  • Security: Onehub handles cloud security through the allocation of different role-based permissions, achieved audit logs, defined timeout periods, and 2FA.
  • Preview: This allows most types of files to be previewed on web browsers or mobile devices without opening the file.
  • Collaboration: Comments, tasks, and notation functionalities can be deployed to monitor and manage workspaces. Onehub can also be integrated with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace for optimal collaboration.
  • Sharing: This allows restrictions to be placed on who can view documents, along with the ability to create secure links, expiration dates, and password protection as required.
  • Indexing: Automatic numeric indexing provides an added layer of security.