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SmartRoom VDR

Los Angeles, USA

Market Presence:
North America


SmartRoom provides its virtual data room services for numerous business areas, such as capital markets, legal solutions, corporate exchange. Secure document hosting and sharing among partners, convenient management of sensitive corporate information, confidential discussion of the data directly within the platform – all these features attract deal-makers (investment bankers, private equity managers, etc.) and make them look for the most protected, efficient, functional and convenient VDR available.

SmartRoom belongs to the top most reputable vendors and, in addition, offers reasonable pricing policy for the services provided. Protected with the complex security system (dynamic watermarks, virus scanning, data encryption and backups, two-step user verification, regular audit reports and digital rights management), SmartRoom has been involved in thousands of various deals and has managed more than $525 billion worth of transactions. This cloud-based platform has the simple and intuitive interface available in nine languages and equipped with advanced search features, in document linking option, Q&A section and customized according to the demands of the client – branded website contains all the logos and is designed in corporate colours of the company.

M&A deals in general and due diligence, in particular, post-merger integration, protected collaboration, fundraising and restructuring, legal settlements, and medical records analysis – this is not the excessive list of the processes successfully accompanied by SmartRoom. Every deal is supported by a dedicated project manager and the qualified team working 24/7 to make the VDR as effective and convenient for the project accomplishment as possible.