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BlackBerry Workspaces

Waterloo, Canada

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North America, Europe, South America, Asia

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BlackBerry Workspaces

BlackBerry Workspaces, also known as Watchdox Blackberry, delivers file-level security for documents inside and outside of an organization’s corporate firewall. IT and users can create shared workspaces for internal and external users to collaborate, sign, mark up, and comment within files from the BlackBerry secure browser.
The 256-bit encryption provides a layer of protection to all data, and users can access the platform on Windows, Apple, and Android operating systems for maximum flexibility.
Access is enabled on a permission basis according to the user level, and compliance logs are recorded at the document level to track usage and permissions for that file.

What is BlackBerry Workspaces best at?

BlackBerry Workspaces virtual data room is all about file-level security, which is offered in three editions for storing, syncing, and sharing files and folders:

  • Send
  • Collaborate
  • Secure Plus

All editions are available to be billed either on monthly or annual terms. 
BlackBerry Workspaces data room also address the threats of ransomware, malware, and other cyber-attack forms by enabling systems administrators with the centralized ability to recover files. The access point accounts affected by malware can be frozen, and IT can isolate the afflicted files.
This solution eradicates the need to pay out ransoms to attackers because it allows for files and folders to be restored to the pre-attack environment. In addition, this solution also enables user productivity to continue while the IT administrators carry out diagnostic work in the background.

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The main features of the BlackBerry Workspaces solution are as follows:

  • Choice of cloud, on-premises, or hybrid solution
  • Microsoft 365 integration for seamless uploads and user experience
  • Synchronizing files and folders across multiple devices
  • Productivity features such as shared workspaces, large file sync, and share and personal workspaces
  • Electronic document signing, watermark, and view-only functionality to enable collaboration on more legally sensitive documentation
  • Full end-to-end file security on the server, in-transit, and on the local device
  • Key security features include 2FA, SSO, password policy, and authorized access
  • Quick and easy file uploads

BlackBerry Workspaces solutions

The BlackBerry Workspaces solution is comprised of three main editions:

  • Send: This is the entry-level plan that facilitates user-based sync and share functionality. Send provides secure file-level sharing outside of a corporate firewall environment to enable user productivity and efficient document storage. Seamless synchronization across multiple devices, operating systems, and browsers makes for efficient personal use and team collaboration.
  • Collaborate: Contains the elements of the Send edition and includes enterprise-grade file sharing for documents up to 10 MB.
  • Secure Plus: The top BlackBerry Workspaces edition containing everything in Send and Collaborate. Secure Plus also provides the highest grade security features. It enables integration between other cloud storage environments and a range of enterprise applications.