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Redondo Beach, USA

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North America

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CapLinked provides the leading virtual data room (VDR) software via any device or platform for secure document sharing, tracking, and efficient internal or external audit.
CapLinked data room was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, USA.
The company offers an industry-leading product that is chosen by customers in more than 113 countries worldwide to close complex deals.

Experience the fastest, safest, and easiest way to manage your company’s transactions and cooperation within the team with the CapLinked virtual data room platform that provides any business with flexible tools. 
The easy-to-use services will facilitate fundraising, asset sales, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), real estate deals, investor and board reporting, investment banking deals, business development negotiations, private equity and venture capital deals, and other types of business or legal transactions.

What does CapLinked do best?

CapLinked ensures a cloud-based integrated data storage and document management solution for businesses that need to share large volumes of confidential files with other users. The cloud platform is excellent for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), fundraising, licensing, investment banking, asset sales, private equity deals, and due diligence. It’s also a great tool to raise funds or take control of your company’s finances.
CapLinked perfectly fits the needs of any profit association and is also a good fit for investor reporting or a marketing organization.
CapLinked offers a reliable virtual data room and document management solution that lets you get started in minutes with their free trial self-service product. User experience is also simplified thanks to the intuitive website interface that makes it easy to set up the software, manage its functionality, and access it anytime and anywhere.
Additionally, they have top experts on the market on standby to help new users with any assistance they may need with their enterprise company accounts.
They have designed their data room platforms to include full API with private keys for developers.

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The main features of the CapLinked data rooms and document management platforms include:

  • Workspaces for easy document sharing and collaboration
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Document control and management
  • Plug-in free technology with version control
  • Collaboration enhancing alerts
  • Integrated instant messaging
  • Q&A assignment feature
  • Single sign-on
  • Activity tracker
  • Security and digital rights management
  • Protective dynamic watermarks for sensitive files and documents
  • Modern pipeline feature
  • Drag-n-drop and bulk uploads
  • View-only access
  • Granular control of users’ permissions
  • Prompt notifications about users’ activity inside the workspace


CapLinked data room company offers two subscription plans. 
The price depends on the features provided, how many users you plan to add to the virtual data room, the size of your organization, and specific business needs.

Team plan$299 per month (first-time offer is $149 per month)
EnterpriseContact the support team to get pricing details

All the new potential customers get a free 14-day trial to test the service the CapLinked virtual data room provides and compare how good they can be for their company.

Support and deployment

All the virtual data rooms are primarily cloud-based solutions. That’s exactly the case with the CapLinked vendor. 
It means you can access your workspace from anywhere via a single secure link — no extra plugins or software products are required. 
The only thing missing is the mobile application. However, clients can enjoy easy mobile access via a mobile browser.
When it comes to getting professional assistance in case any issues appear, there are three ways to connect with the support team:

  • Phone call
  • Online chat
  • Email (submit a request on the website)

CapLinked data room solutions

Below are the key solutions CapLinked places the main focus on:

  • CapLinked document sharing and collaboration workspace. Virtual data room solution that securely stores all important files and documents and allows easy collaboration inside your network. This is vital for any type of financial operation such as capital-raising activities, due diligence projects, mergers and acquisitions, or sharing information with investors and other parties. CapLinked provides a secure environment that is a sturdy data storage and collaboration platform too. Moreover, you can customize the virtual data room site to have your brand’s look.
  • CapLinked document control and management. One of the key components and features of the company’s virtual data room solution. Using CapLinked, users can easily upload large volumes of data, view documentation, add, and edit documents via one secure link. What’s more, thanks to the streamlined folders and document organization, the process of adding all the files doesn’t take long. 
  • CapLinked plug-in free technology with version control. Convenient plug-in with document edits history control. It has an added advantage in that, as soon as you edit or modify a file or a document, this solution creates a new version and stores it in a secure server.
  • CapLinked Q&A assignment feature. Ability to assign administrators or subject-matter experts to permission groups to be in charge of answering questions raised and submitted by users in those groups. Also, it allows one or more administrators or subject-matter experts.
  • CapLinked security and digital rights management. It ensures that every person inside the organization can protect all their important files and documents, more so, their confidential ones. This is possible through CapLinked’s digital rights management features, which don’t use plug-ins. Thus, data can’t be exposed to malware, viruses, and other harmful content from third-party plug-ins and applications.

Besides that, CapLinked has a wide range of integrations — from Salesforce, Dropbox, and Box, to OneDrive and Google Drive.